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Royaye Parsian is one of the most successful Iranian independent publishers. Our products consists of books, booklets, leaflets, catalogs, reference books, and many other published media offered in printed and digital formats. Diversity is the core value of our publication and we are committed to create a diversified working environment.
Backed by huge success in national scale, and benefitting from experienced and sophisticated professionals in publishing industry and also international relations, Royaye Parsian aims to serve international market as well. Our R&D department consistently observe global market of books and identify the most appropriate and attractive books in different languages, in order to be translated, processed and offered to Iranian scholars and public audience.
Royaye Parsian benefit from some of most experienced and creative editors, authors, copyrighter, translator, graphics and proofreaders in the region, and possess extensive distribution networks with numerous locations across the country, and utilizes modern technologies and completely computerized production infrastructure for responding to essentials of modern publishing.
The majority of our activities in publishing industry has been providing information and servicing students, job seekers and knowledge seekers, and we proud ourselves for this commitment.

This diversity in activity areas of Royaye Parsian Publication reflect veracity found in structure and activities of NOOOA companies and institution which all are found for improving humankind life.

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Our focus are is so extensive and covers:

Living, Working & Studying abroad

Introducing job and study opportunities across the world

Psychology and Development

Management, Sales & Marketing

Personal skills Development

Language learning

Education & training

Literature & Fiction

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