What We Do to Bridge the Gap between Investors and Investees

‘NOOOA Investment: Strategic support for your business, from financial modeling to strategic planning and fundraising, wealth management….’

– NOOOA Inversment

About NOOOA Investment

NOOOA Investment is the specialized department of NOOOA in the financial, investment, and capital advisory and management sectors. We leverage our knowledge, experience, and network to actively support the entrepreneurs on one hand and source and match them with the best and the most appropriate investors.
Our team has built relationships with many investors and potential lenders, including banks, finance companies, insurance companies, hedge funds, and private equity groups. Furthermore, because of our extensive transaction experience, we maintain long-standing relationships with corporate decision makers across a broad range of industries. With a specific focus on the middle market, we know how to access the investing community and maximize a company’s inherent value.

NOOOA plays a vital role in promoting investment opportunities in the Middle East and Asia regions to investors through expert financial engineering. It provides investors with a diverse scope of regional and international investment opportunities and facilitates those investments by providing clients with a whole range of supporting and legal services that target their individual and corporate needs and exceed their expectations.

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The Breakdown of our services: